Post 720 Digging up Bones & Clearing the Air

Ever since I’ve said I was moving and Marian put her house on the market, I’ve found that old “family” issues are surfacing, as it’s now, “the right time.” I’m having chats and emails with my son and daughter that I have never had; that have been denied all these years for one reason or another. It’s nice to finally end these denials and to “clear the air” so to speak, and to get all these Old Bones out in the open and healed.

I feel that after I finish clearing up this old stuff with “my” family (ex-wife, son and daughter) I’ll be moving back out west to do the same with my birth family, (mother, father {dead}, siblings and relatives). As I wrote the words, “moving back,” I felt that I’ll also be moving back in time to deal with what happened when I was still living there, and before I moved out to Ontario to start my own family. It’s like I’m moving back in time (in this life time) to heal all that has happened to me and in the process, it will also heal all the things that are considered past lives, or “Karma” as any past life issues that we need to heal, are also experienced in this life time. I know that most people think of Karma as bad, but I see it as a healing opportunity, and that the only thing that is bad about Karma is denying it. I feel that this will eventually lead back to Original Cause and healing what was happened there too.

Sorry, but I can upload any Pictures as I'm getting the message "Access Denied". I'll try to find out what's going on as Opera has recently updated this blog interface and that might be the problem.

So I have found that the pictures are uploading to my Opera Files, but I have to hand code them to make them show up on my blog… Inconvenient, but at least they are there to see. LOL which is also a PITA

2 thoughts on “Post 720 Digging up Bones & Clearing the Air

  1. I think that change the past you can, if you can change your attitude to what has already happened.Definitely it makes sense, if it can't you move ( in imagining) in your future.But by and large, the past is useless. I think so.

  2. You are very fortunate to be moving out west! Hope you find the healing you are searching for back 'home'.

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