Post 721 To dance or not to dance

2010 Nov 18 Thursday, On Tuesday, I hurt my back lifting a box, so I thought that was it for my dancing. I took it easy and by Thursday it felt pretty good. Today I was thinking about the dance class and fearing that we would be learning the Tango. All day long, I was humming and hawing as to whether I should go or not. The real reason I didn’t want to go was that I knew very little about the tango, and I also didn’t want to look dumb.

I almost didn’t go. I was thinking of using my sore back as an excuse, but then, my back wasn’t sore so that was a lie. I then thought I’d tell her I had a cold, and when that didn’t work for me, I thought I’d say, that I just forgot what time it was, or that I missed it as I thought today was Wednesday. Anyway, when all the lame excuses were said and done, I decided to go.

Sure enough, much to my dread, we were going to learn the American Tango. I had learned the International basic steps and was also “introduced” to a couple of other steps, but that was 20 years ago. We never really learned or danced a lot of Tango as it wasn’t that popular.

We started off with the basic, and then added another set of steps, and then another until we had a combination of five different steps to our tango routine. The tango is not a simple dance and it wasn’t just learning the steps, it was also learning the unique tempo, as well as the foot and body movements and positions. Combining it all, was not only perplexing, but overwhelming, especially when she said to mix it up and not just do it in the pattern that we learned. What also made it difficult for me was that the Man leads the woman, and when the man (me) is unsure of what I am supposed to do, the dance comes to a standstill.

Overall, I must say that I did okay as I kept up to the rest of the group as we all had problems in some area. That applied only as long as we were doing the tango. Once the lessons finished and the dance portion of our evening began, the things I learned about the tango seemed to fly out the window, as when she would play a tango again, I’d forget a step or I would mix two steps together.

Oh well, I know I wasn’t alone as the others were in the same boat, we just did the best we could. I must say that with a few of the other dances that we haven’t learned, I was remembering some of the old steps and moving through them with ease. Anyway, I’m glad I went.

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