Post 722 Earth and Moon point-of-view

2010 Nov 21 Sunday. I have a desktop background image on my laptop that is of the Earth and Moon from space. The view is of North America, Central America and part of South America, with the so-called north pole at the top of the screen. It’s not difficult orienting yourself and identifying major landmarks as that is what the mind is used to. But I thought I’d see what it would look like if I flipped it 180 degrees.

When I put the flipped image on my desktop, it was at first, completely unrecognizable. After scanning the image for a few seconds, I recognized the shape of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico and then I found the Great Lakes. I find it impossible to identify any provinces or states or other socially defined boundaries, as I have no known frame of reference, but that is okay, as by trying to do that, I’m trying to make the new point-of-view fit in with my old point-of-view.

It’s interesting to think that nothing has really changed, it was still the same picture, except that it had been reversed by 180 degrees. What really changed was my point-of-view, and so it’s all new and confusing. I thought of my journey and how I’m changing my point-of-view and ending denial, and also letting go of all old imprints, programs and beliefs that state that THIS is reality and how things are, and are meant to be. Ending denials is also 180 degrees out of phase, or the opposite of what I have done all my life.

Living in a world of denial was comfortable and known, like viewing the Earth and Moon with the North Pole at the top of the picture, but ending our denials, turns our world upside down, so that it’s no longer known. Confused, we silently and frantically search for anything that we can recognize to hang on to, even if we know it is unloving, at least we know it for what it is. Once we end our denials and heal our issues, we no longer need the old world beliefs to give us a false sense of security, as we are now comfortable in our new sense of being and our new point-of-view.

True freedom is having infinite point-of-views without any attachments, expectations, or judgments, but with acceptance, compassion and a heartfelt connection with all that is. Take the picture of the Earth and Moon and consider the infinite points-of-views and experiences that one is capable of having in exploring the micro and macro aspects of this part of creation.

Turning your world upside down, changes your point-of-view
Changing your point-of-view, turns your World upside down. JR

NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .

1 thought on “Post 722 Earth and Moon point-of-view

  1. Very interesting experiment for our perception.You are right, our mind completely got trapped in the stereotypes.This is a big problem, but most people prefer not to think about it. As it is not unfortunate, but in spite of technological progress and postindustrial society, I'm starting to think that by and large humanity is degrading. Big words and no more.

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