Post 725 Mass mind control simplified

Mass mind control simplified…..please share freely
by Riccardo Ferrari (videos) 1:55

This is a good example of how we are imprinted and programmed and how they create the beliefs that we think are the truth, that then create our reality.

Religion beliefs and other social customs and traditions are prime examples of this form of Mind control that would have us behave in a controlled manner and deny what we truly desire, for fear of some dire unknown consequences.

3 thoughts on “Post 725 Mass mind control simplified

  1. On this subject is Adam Curtis' documentary "The TRAP: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?" This film was awarded the BAFTA award.

  2. We need to challenge what we believe is true.. To ask, who, what, where, when, why and how, and to not be afraid to go against what everyone else believes is the truth.. Of course our fear of the unknown and of rejection and isolation will play a big part in keeping us from moving…

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