Post 727 Editing Book 3

I’ve been editing my third book and it’s been activating me in that some of the messages that I got twelve years ago still apply as if I got them today. Not that the messages didn’t apply back then, but that this journey seems to be going in a spiral and I’m back at a similar place and time, except that I’m not. It’s hard to explain but it’s more like a spiral staircase that has windows all around where you can see outside. While you are climbing the stairs, what was your view of say the West side at one level, now changes slightly at the next of higher level as you see more than you did before. I’m also remembering other events that took place and that is also activating me on a different level.

I’ve also been having a problem with MS Word 2007 in that there have been a few sections at the end of a page, where MS word deletes a sentence or two. The weird thing is that it is okay in print view, when I show hidden formatting, and in a the PDF format. I looked around on the internet and couldn’t get an answer and so I asked Allexperts and Nancy offered several suggestions, one being to copy the entire book and paste it in a new Word Document. I had thought of doing that before, but dismissed it as I thought it would just copy any problem as well. I finally decided to try it and when I copied and pasted it the first time, it didn’t work, but when I did it the second time, it appears to have solved the problem. Why I don’t know, but it’s working.

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