Post 728 What’s up with Sushi

As I was getting my cup of tea at lunchtime, Marian started telling me that she went out for sushi last night and began telling me what she ate and how good it was.

I said that you told me five times yesterday that you were going out, and you also told me how good it was we when you came back from your dinner. What’s the big deal?

When you first said you were going out for sushi, you implied that I should try it, knowing right well that I don’t really care for fish, and especially raw fish, yet you carried on mocking me for not liking sushi as if it’s some form of status symbol for you. You then repeatedly tell me that you were going out for sushi. Either you have a hidden agenda and intent, or you are beginning to lose your mind and memory at an alarming rate.

She said, “I’m not hiding anything, so I’ll just sit here and eat my lunch. I was just trying to make conversation.”

With that, I sat down and began to eat my lunch. I started some chit chat and commented on the weather and that most of the snow that had fallen last night had melted by late morning. We chatted about the weather, and I mentioned that I took the snow blower out of the shed yesterday and got it ready for its winter run and that it had started on the first pull. That was basically the extent of our conversation.

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