Post 729 Misinformation and Confusion

2010 Dec 02 The other day Marian was telling me that she was asked to look at getting a new printer for the office that she is working at part-time. She said that she was looking at ones like her HP, and had picked up brochures to take back to the office.

Today at lunchtime she started talking about the printer at work and was telling me that they decided not to get a new one, but that they were going to replace the four rollers that would cost about $150.00. I questioned her as to why they just didn’t buy a new printer like her HP instead of trying to fix the old one.

She then said that it wasn’t like her printer.
I asked, “So is it a big office copier/printer?”
She said, “No, it’s a HP printer and it’s an office printer it doesn’t copy, and that is what they want, something like I have.”
I said, “Yours doesn’t have the rollers that cost $150.00 to replace as your present all in one printer, copier, scanner doesn’t even cost that much.”
She then snapped back, “The office printer cost over $800.00.”
Frustrated I said, “Why didn’t you say that in the first place, and why compare your printer to the office one as all that they have in common is that they print and have the name HP?”

She didn’t respond and at that point I just grabbed my cup of tea and my plate of cheese and crackers and left and went downstairs to my room, shaking my head.

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