Post 730 Not to dance

2010 Dec 02 I didn’t go to dancing tonight. I hummed and hawed until the very end and then decided not to go. I really don’t enjoy it like I feel I should.

I decided to quit because I was finding it difficult to remember all the steps, and as I couldn’t remember them with any certainty, I couldn’t practice them, and without a partner to bounce things off of, I was finding it frustrating. The other thing was that every week we would learn a new dance with five to six complicated steps and movements. The first week it was the Rumba, then the next week we learned the tango, and then the foxtrot. We never did practice what we learned the previous week, but instead, just moved to learn the new dance steps.

I took international classes back in the early 1990’s and stopped in 1993 and haven’t danced since, and while I thought I could pick up the American style, there was enough differences, mixed in with the similarities to scramble my mind and leave me scratching my head in confusion and doubt. I’m also planning on moving out West by March of next year, so even if I stayed in these classes, I wouldn’t be able to continue next year, so I felt what’s the point of beating myself up. I wrote her an email telling her that I was quitting and why.

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