Post 735 A Death in the family

On Friday Dec 10, I received a call from my sister and later my brother, telling me that my brother-in-law Terry had been killed in a car accident.. He was driving his van with his son, to pick up a car, when an oncoming car that was rounding a curve, spun out on some ice, fishtailed, and hit him almost head on. His son was in the passenger seat and escaped serious injury.

My sister offered me a plane ticket to come to the funeral and I accepted as I felt I needed to go. On Saturday, I woke up feeling sick, nauseas and I also had a headache and sore throat and left ear and was off balance. I decided to call my sister to tell her not to book the flight, as I wasn’t in any shape to fly or to be fit company when I got out West. We were also having severe winter storms, leaving some roads closed and flights canceled. I decided that it just wasn’t meant to be. He was 57 years old. His passion was restoring old 1956 Fords. He’s being buried on Dec 15 at 11:00 am

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