Post 737 Brain washed and being a freethinker

2010 Dec 11 3:03 am I woke up thinking about people that have been brainwashed and how you can’t help a person that is under the influence of Mind Control as they are totally convinced that it is you that is trying to deceive and control them. It’s only when they, themselves have doubt and think that they have, and are being brain washed or controlled and they want to get out of the situation, that there is any possibility of their escaping the trap that they are in. And it’s only by their choice, intent and determination to free themselves that they will save themselves as all that you can do is to offer support and guidance as they work to free their Mind from the unloving influence that it has been under.

Religion and politics are prime examples of such a form of mind control that eats away at the individual's ability to think for themselves. A person whose Mind is being controlled is like the “walking dead” as there is no talking or communicating with them in regard to their condition or situation as there is little or no conscious awareness with which to communicate with another in a logical, reasonable and feeling way.

That’s why it’s impossible to “save” another who doesn’t want to save themselves. It doesn’t matter whether it be religion, politics, social beliefs, or from the unloving influences of another person, like a wife, husband, brother, sister, relative, friend, co-worker or whoever they believe they need to serve or follow. There is a twisted fuzzy logic in a person whose mind is being controlled, in that they honestly believe that the other person has, or is, sacrificing themselves to help, save or to give them a better life, or they twist it around believing that they can help, save, and change the other person with personal sacrifice.

I was just thinking about the word Freedom, and that you are NOT free unless you are free to think for yourself. Democracy is not freedom, it’s an illusion of freedom. Being a freethinker means being free from any religion or political beliefs, devoid of social customs or traditions and without the conveniences and possessions we have. Reminds me of the song… Imagine –by John Lennon

This picture on the left is a good example of what it means to be a free thinker. Can you spot the free thinker? Look and really think about what you are seeing… For the answer, right click on the image and then click on “save image”
Makes you think, doesn't it.. 🙂

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