Post 738 Mole removed with Tea Tree Oil

I had a mole on my back that has been growing and bothering me for a few weeks as it would be itchy and also hurting a bit at other times. I have an appointment to see the doctor in March, so in the mean time, I thought I’d try a home remedy to see if it would work. I decided to soak a band-aid in tea tree oil and put it on the mole after I had my nightly shower, and to leave it on, until my next shower.

I repeated the process for four days and on then left it uncovered. It then began to crust over, dry up and began to fall off. By the third day, it was just hanging by some loose skin so I pulled it off and put on a small bandage to stop the minor bleeding. Within two days it had healed over and I can’t see or feel it anymore.

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