Post 739 Cataract operation

2010 Dec 17 Friday, Marian informed me that she was getting her cataracts in both eyes removed on Wed Dec 22. She had been diagnosed with them a couple of years ago, and had recently had her eyes examined and got a new prescription. I asked her if she really needed to get the operation now. She had her mind made up that her doctors knew best, and was excited that she wouldn’t need to wear glasses after the operation. She said it was a simple operation and was not a big deal and that the worst would be that she will not be able to bend over for a few days until her eyes healed.

As a side note, Marian and I had previously been invited to our daughters for brunch, on Friday Dec 24, Marian said she had offered to bring a quiche, although she was told she didn’t have to. On Sunday, Dec 19, Marian came downstairs and asked me that if she got all the ingredients, if I would make the quiche to take over to Janice’s on Friday as will not be able to bend over. I looked at her and said, “No. I’m not interested in making a quiche. If you want me to put it in, and take it out of the oven, I have no problem with that, but I’m not making it for you as making it doesn’t involve any bending over.” She didn’t say a word but I could tell that she was ticked off as she made her way back up stairs.

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