Post741 Cataract operation, both eyes, in and out in 3.5 hrs.

2010 Dec 22 11:00 am I took Marian to the hospital to have her cataracts removed and she said that she would call me later that afternoon to pick her up. I can’t believe that they are not going to be keeping her in the hospital for a few days to see how things go. She has an appointment to go back to see her doctor tomorrow morning at 9:00 am and then the next appointment is a week later.

At 3:15 I got a call from the hospital to come and pick her up. She said that she could see great, and that everything was clear and bright. I guess it would be bright as her pupils were fully dilated. She said that while she could see distant things clearly, she couldn’t see things that were close, like words in a book, and that she would have to get some reading glasses for that.

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