Post 748 The Astral plane – Third eye – Thought Forms

I was in a meditation today and was asking for help from my guides in healing my third eye. I remember as a young child being able to see demons and evil creatures with red eyes, and being terrified of them and hiding my head under the covers at night, so that they wouldn’t find me. (Just typing that brought a cold shiver up my spine.) I remember telling my mother about them, and her saying that they were only bad dreams, or that I just had an active imagination whenever I’d see them in the daytime. I knew they were not dreams or my imagination as I also saw them around certain people, especially the bullies. I had gifts but I didn’t know they were gifts, but rather felt and believed that I was cursed (religious beliefs) and that because I was bad , these evil things were coming to get me.

I knew when things were going to happen, who was coming to visit, and what they were going to say. I used to play cards with my dad and uncle and I would never lose as I knew what cards they had, and what they were going to play or keep. While it was fun to win, I also had to deny what I knew and let them win sometimes so that we could play and they would be happy. I also knew when the boys at school were going to beat me up, and no matter how hard I tried to avoid the beatings, my visions always came true.
Lucifer and the demons also had me believe that if I went out into the Astral plane, that he and his demons cronies would attack me and make sure that I didn’t get back to my body, so I was afraid to leave my Body because I knew that if I couldn’t get back, I would die. I put the beliefs and programs in place that then blocked me from travelling in the Astral plane.

As I was writing this in my journal I realized that while I was being attacked on the Astral plane, I was also being physically attacked. Ever since I started school, I was not only rejected, but hunted and beaten by the bullies who were always blocking me from my home and safety by ganging up on me and beating me. Whenever I left my physical home I was hunted, and whenever I left my Body and was in the Astral plane, I was also hunted. There was no sanctuary for me as even my home wasn’t without fear, rejection and abuse.

I did a verbal ceremony releasing the beliefs and programs that were blocking me. During the ceremony I saw tiny points of light that suddenly appeared, then disappeared and I realized that what I was actually seeing were thought forms. Thought forms are like little points of light that only have energy as long as you are attached to them and they to you. When you let go of a belief, program or imprint, the energy is released from you energy field. The energy, (your energy) that was feeding the thought form is turned off or unplugged and the thought form dissolves to nothingness, like a flame being extinguished.


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