Post 749 Love and Denial

Some people say that I live in another world and that I’ve lost touch with reality. That I’m a loner, a misfit and off in my own little world, cocooned in a bubble to keep me safe and others out. If there is a bubble around me, it’s not for protection, but is love, self-love, the result of ending my denials. It’s not that I’m trying to keep others out, but that others don’t want to come into my space. When I feel the presence of denial and unloving energy being directed at me, I feel compelled to express myself, exposing their denials and unloving intent. If ending their denials is not their intent, then the result of our meeting is in them moving away from me and back to their right place.

I look forward to meeting a woman that I can connect with to further our mutual healing and self empowerment, and to also connect with others that have conscious intent to end their denials and heal and empower themselves, to experience life and love in a new world, and to bring Heaven to Earth.

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