Post 750 Meeting ones reflection

I’m seeing more and more how people are meeting their denials through their outer reflections, the things they experience in their life. The reflections are either by another person in denial, or by a person that is coming from a place of love, that is not accepting their denial based unloving energy and is sending it back to them. In either case, it will be an “opposite” refection, and they won’t like what they are seeing or hearing.

A simple example of denial meeting denial is when what they are doing, or trying to do to other people, is what they think other people are doing to them. It will be in different situations and experiences, so they are unaware of the connection. If they are controlling others and want them to do what they desire, then they will meet other people that will try to control them in a similar manner, and when that happens, there will be conflict, and both parties will be triggered into their denied issues and denied rage (expressed or unexpressed) will be the result.

When the person tries to control a person that doesn’t accept their denial based unloving energy and says no, then the person will have their own unloving energy reflected back to them and they will not like it as they feel they have no control. They will be triggered into their denied issues and will gap having denied rage either expressed or unexpressed, while the person that is not in denial, will not have any issues.


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