Post 752 Being in denial of being in denial

’11 01 04 I realize that there is nothing that I can say, or do to get through to a person in denial, especially if they are in denial of being in denial. For them to end their denials, they need to be willing to change their point-of-view, their beliefs, programs and imprints, and that if I tried to change them, then I would be over-powering their free Will and choice and that is not loving. So all I can do when I am aware of their denials is to express myself, and then it’s up to them to recognize their denials (or not) and to take responsibility (or not) for their words, actions, intent and choices.

While I have acceptance for who they are and compassion for what they are going through, I’m also not attached to them, but rather connected. I need to allow them live their life according to their choices. Where their lives and mime inter-connect, I need to allow myself to express my truth in the moment I feel it. Whether it’s loving, or unloving denial that I feel, I need to express myself and in so doing, I will return whatever they are sending to me. If it’s loving, then love will be returned, if it’s guilt, or shame, then guilt and shame will be returned . If it’s denial and unlovingness, then that is what will be sent back to them, and if they don’t like what is not being accepted, but being returned, then that is their issue and responsibility.

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