Post 754 Being attacked for telling the truth

2011 Jan 05 There was a real estate house showing yesterday and the realtor later called Marian and told her that besides the showing, there was another person that was interested in the house. She said that they had driven by to look at the house and had commented that they weren’t interested because they could see that it needed a new roof.

I could tell that Marian was ticked off with the person’s comment as her voice increased in pitch and speed, as she came back with, “What the hell do they expect! After all the money I spend on fixing up the inside and the windows. They have no right saying that, as they don’t know what else has been fixed, they’re just nitpicking.”

While what she said was a truth in that she did spend money on the house, what the people that drove by said is also the truth, as the house does need a new roof, and Marian knows it.

She attacks the person for telling the truth because it makes her look bad and cheap, and not the nice wealthy person that she tries to portray herself to be. I heard her comment but said nothing as there was no point. She has her point-of-view and judgment, and she’s not about to change it, and as her comment wasn’t directed at me, it was a non issue.

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