Post 764 (Part 4) Releasing beliefs and Programs

2011 Jan 26 1:45 pm I had laid down for a brief rest from the computer before going out to do some grocery shopping and I was just drifting off when I saw a vision of my beliefs and judgments about asking and expressing my wants, needs and desires. I saw them as different shapes of paper attached to a long string that I had been swallowing all my life. I had a mouthful that I was trying to swallow, but my mouth was so full, I was finding it hard to swallow them, and they were preventing me from talking and especially asking and expressing myself.

I thought to myself that I needed to remove this string along with all the beliefs and judgments that were attached to it. I lay there for a moment, pondering how I was going to do it and then decided to just grab the string and pull it out of my mouth. I opened my mouth and grabbed the psychic string, and as I began to pull, I began to gag and vomit. I didn’t really vomit, but I felt like I was going to. With each tug, I could feel something coming out from my mouth and throat and I would gag uncontrollably, but I didn’t stop. As I continued to pull, I could feel the string and the attached beliefs and judgments begin to move from deep inside of me. Hand over hand I kept pulling and gagging, at times I was even clenched in a fetal position, my hands temporarily on my stomach. I kept pulling until I felt it all leave my body. As I was doing this clearing, I had tears in my eyes, both from the gagging reflex and also from the sense of relief of it being pulled out of me.

Over the years and my different levels of healing, I’ve had other emotional , and physical sensations, but this, with swallowing a string was a first. Although there was very little emotional movement, I feel that this release was more of a Mind-Body experience, with the emotions to come at a later date.

NOTE: Image of man in fetal position copyright of Adam Chamy

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