Post 765 Lieberman Bill Would Claim Entire Internet as US ‘Asset’

QUOTE >> The introduction of a new Senate bill, S.3480, dubbed the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010,” is sparking concerns about a massive power grab over the Internet under the guise of “national security.”

The bill, proposed by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I – CT) claims the entire Internet, the whole global computer network and everything on it, as a “national asset” of the United States, and seeks to give President Obama the power to seize control over broad swaths of it with no oversight during a “National Cyber Emergency,” which would itself be something the president would be able to declare at any time.
But easily the most controversial aspect of the nearly 200 page bill is what is being called a “kill switch,” granting the president the power to shut down the entire Internet across the planet for national security reasons. Sen. Collins (R – ME), a supporter of the bill, claimed it was necessary to prevent a “cyber 9/11.” Read more…

The bill amounts to an unprecedented proclamation of US presidential power, claiming a large portion of the global cyber economy as a specific asset of the United States. The bill goes on to state that the USA has the right to nationalize or destroy the internet, in whole or part, as a measure of national security. While the news may be disquieting for Americans faced with this sort of power grab from their own government, but for foreigners, the idea of another nation commandeering the Internet, cutting them off from it, or rendering it unusable is totally shocking, and not surprisingly, a source of grave concern. Should the US ever try such a stunt, expect all hell to break loose.

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