Post 766 (Part 5) Feeling numb and blank

After my experience with releasing the string of programs and beliefs in post 764 , I felt numb and mentally blank, like I had forgotten something, or like I didn’t know where or who I was. I mentally searched for what it was I felt I lost, but drew a blank. It was like my Mind was a computer where the program has been deleted and all that’s left are empty folders and the shortcut Icons that do nothing and go nowhere, and just open a search window to scan for something that’s no longer there.

I was in this weird mental state for a couple of days until I gradually returned to what I would call for want of a better word, normal. I can’t say that I suddenly overcame my fear of asking for what I desire, as part of the issue is also in really feeling what I desire, and what’s not just the same old wants, needs and desires, presented in a new wrapper. What did come out of this experience was a renewed sense of purpose and a drive to finish editing my 3rd book.


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