Post 769 The Otherkin

You feel them everywhere. They’re watching you, listening to you, waiting for the right time to pounce on you. Who are these otherkins? They are the ones that seem to be having the good life. They appear comfortable, happy and in control of their lives. They look like you and I, but they are different. You can see it in their eyes, you can hear it when they talk, and you can feel their eerie presence. They are the vampires, the energy feeders, feeding on those that are in denial of feelings and emotions.

They may say the same words we do and speak of love, feelings and emotions but they never disclose any real emotions or Heart. It’s like they live in a sterile environment where there are no feelings or emotions, but are just acting as if they do, when it serves their purpose and hidden agenda, by mimicking what they have seem others that feel do. It’s all an act as beneath the façade is the same empty hollow and heartless rhetoric that they and others like them have said and have acted out since time began.

They attack, ridicule and admonish those that have and express feelings and emotions as being negative, while considering themselves positive and spiritually awakened, beyond the suffering of those they so cruelly mock. They constantly pat each other on the back while reciting ancient texts and platitudes that they repeat ad infinitum. They reciprocate the false bravado and reinforce their negative conditioning over and over ad nauseam.

They all wear the same mask while trying to appear different and human, always presenting the same happy, carefree, lifeless expression. Behind the prickly, heartless spirituality they present, you can feel the negativity and conditioned response along with a smoldering ball of anger and rage that is closer to that of a psychopathic killer, than a spiritually awakened loving Human Being.

2011 Feb 20.. Added the deleted words in red.. I don't know how they got deleted???


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