Post 761 Catching up

I haven’t been posting to my blog as I have been busy with editing my book. I’ve also had to deal with a couple of new control twists that Marian has thrown at me, but they are getting fewer and farther apart as I think she is getting the message that it’s not going to work.
One thing that is new is that Marian got herself a new 2011 Toyota Matrix. She had leased a 2010 just over a year ago, but she now decided she needed an automatic, instead of the standard she has, in case she hurt her arm shifting. She decided to buy this one and said she would pay it off when she sells the house.

She also left on Saturday Feb. 26, for a holiday to Cuba with a girlfriend of hers, and I drove them to the airport in Toronto. They are making their own way back when they return, as their flight comes in to Toronto at 2:00 am. So for the next week I share the house with the dog.


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