Post 764 Judgments on Body

I had been thinking of how our Mind has judgments on our Body just like it has on the Will (intuition, feelings and emotions). I was reading the Right Use of Will, (R.U.O.W) green book Earth Spell, scanning for a passage and I came across a paragraph (Page 79) where I really felt that that was true. It began with…

<Quote> Will and Body have always been seen to be what the judgments against Them have been saying They are, They have never been seen as valid and equal contributors in the lives you lead as spirits. You have labeled Them “the basic self,” or” the lower nature of man” and, at best, have only allowed them a token role at your side. <End Quote>

In reading that, I thought of myself and how I’ve hated my Body when it wasn’t like the others or couldn’t do what others could do, when it was sick, weak, or flawed. Body needs to be accepted just like the Will. That’s why there has been this Will/Body and a Mind/Heart association, with the two groups separate yet having to live as one, but with the Will/Body being controlled by Spirit/Heart
I’ve dealt with this before but I haven’t healed it so it’s coming around again. I know I need to accept my Body like I am beginning to accept my Will, but I feel there’s a difference in how I heal my Body compared to my Will. Similar but different, and that is what I haven’t figured out yet.

4:11 am Not only do I have judgments on my Body, but I also have judgments on other peoples bodies that are denied reflections of what I have on mine. Judging or comparing my Body to another person’s body is denied self hatred, in that I judge my Body is not as good as the other person’s. Then there’s the unloving superiority twist where I judge another person’s body to be inferior or lacking the characteristics that my Body has, and where I am also judging and controlling my Body so that it doesn’t become like the other person’s body. These judgments on Body are similar to when a person wants to be like their parent (for what they consider an admirable trait), or the reversal, where they don’t want to be anything like them.

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