Post 765 Dream – How to stay alive

2011 Mar 06 4:49 am The dream took on the form of scientific research, in which I first explored the different ways that animals, like bears, frogs and other amphibians that hibernate or adapted their bodies when faced with a food shortage, and even fish that could survive for months while frozen in water. I also explored the different ways in that plants survived and adapted when faced with a survival situation. There was other research that I can’t remember in this moment.

Later it came to man and how we too can survive without food and only a very little amount of water, like a cup or two a month. It was all there, but when I awoke, instead of writing down what I had seen and felt, I kept trying to get a deeper understanding of what was happening and why, and I would drift off, but instead of reconnecting with my original dream, I found myself exploring another unrelated subject. When I finally decided to write down my first dream, it was all but gone. I kept trying to bring it back but it was no use. I was frustrated with myself for having waited so long.

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