Post 766 Sports, war, and denied rage

Mar. 6 5:06 am I awoke thinking about sports and how the competition is a form of aggression, of being in control, being better or superior to another person or team. It’s like a battle, a civilized act of war but instead of killing your enemy, you defeat them in a contest and are declared the winner.
Competitive sports fans have the same denied blood lust as their athletes or team, as they live vicariously through them. Under it all is denied rage that disguises itself as being a harmless game and not hurting anyone like in a real battle or war. This denied rage is never satisfied as it always wants more, bigger, better faster, etc, and organized sports are becoming more and more aggressive and with that, the fans and spectators are also becoming more aggressive. It’s like Roman times and the gladiator contests, albeit in a different form.

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