Post 767 Dumbed down Epidemic

2011 Mar 10 12:52 am I’ve recently begun to notice how people are becoming less conscious in a way of being able to use their mind to problem solve. What I’m observing is that more and more people seem numb, dumb or confused when it comes to solving simple problems, and they even have difficulty in completing common, every day activities. People seem to draw a blank when it comes to using common sense, or the ability to problem solve. Things that they did before without a problem now suddenly appear to be new to them.

An example is a person unlocking a door and trying unsuccessfully to put a key in a lock, not being aware that the key needs to be reversed. Another example is a person who is trying to open a door with parcels in both hands, but is unaware that they can easily transfer the packages from one hand to another to have a free hand to open the door. This is not happening only with older people, as one would expect, but goes all the way down to the young.

Their altered thinking is not just limited to what they are doing physically, as even having a conversation with them brings this issue out into the open. They may be talking about one topic, and then, as if a switch had been flipped in their mind, they begin another topic, completely disassociated from the original. I’ve also noticed that people that once were quick and alert, now seem confused and dumbed down. I’m not saying that it’s a dumb pandemic, but something is going on that wasn’t there a few months ago.

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