Post 772 Honesty and Denial

Honesty is shrouded in a thick fog and hidden under layers of disguises that present themselves as truth. While a person may respond to a question in what appears to be an honest and truthful manner, that doesn’t mean that they are honest or truthful, as they have only responded to the question asked, leaving all the unasked questions, unanswered. It’s what the questioner doesn’t know and what the person being questioned knows, but doesn’t express that puts the whole issue of honesty in doubt and confusion.

Basically it’s like telling a person what they want to hear and already know, it’s not about honesty, it’s more about guilt. It’s like the little boy getting caught by his parents with his hand in the cookie jar. The parents already know that the boy took the cookies but still asks the boy to see if he will be honest and admit guilt. The parent doesn’t ask the questions of what they don’t know, and the boy doesn’t tell them what they didn’t ask and didn’t want to hear, which would have been an honest and truthful exchange between all concerned.

Honesty and truth is not only about what is being said, but also about what is not being said, as that is the fog that hides the unseen role of denial.

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