Post 775 The law and those “Above the Law”

There are laws and then there are laws. There are laws that are meant to be kept, and then there are laws that are meant to be broken. Common people that break the law are called criminals or terrorists and are punished for their crimes. Privileged people that break the law call it entitlement and are rewarded for theirs. It’s interesting to see how those above the law protect each other. When one gets caught, the others, in the name of public interest, quickly and smoothly, ask those involved to do their own internal investigation to address the problem, or they pass toothless regulations and safe guards made to appear as if they are serving justice and the public.

It’s like asking an alligator to investigate any problems with missing people in the swap, and to report back to the committee with their findings and recommendations. Of course the alligators will only report what is in their best interest, and with that the door to the missing people is closed.

A list of those institutions, organizations and corporations with people that are above the law include the following.

(1) Politicians and bureaucrats
(2) Religious figures
(3) Military, police, lawyers, etc
(4) Science and technology
(5) Medical and drug corporations
(6) Food, water, shelter corporations
(7) Education and Media
(8) Energy Corporations
(9) Financial Institutions
(10) Transportation (Movement of people, products, etc.)

All these privileged institutions, corporations, and individuals are part of the “system” that sees to it that they remain in power, citing diplomatic immunity, client privilege, National interest, National security, state secret, sworn to secrecy, or that they were simply performing their sworn duty or it was part of their mandate and a host of other denial and avoidance maneuvers that allow them to walk away unscathed where they can assume another position where they can continue with their hidden agenda. I’m not saying that anyone that works for such an institution or corporation is above the law, as those privileged individuals make sure that they have enough people below them to take the heat if it comes to that, people who are just trying to make a living doing the day to day tasks.

You think that just because you live in a democratic society, that you are free… Think again…

Food for thought… or Not…

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