Post 776 Democracy – Dictatorship in disguise

People in Western society that pride themselves as having freedom under the political cloak of democracy are not only naive, but ignorant. While it’s true they have the freedom to elect a political representative of their choice, that choice is limited, and for the most part is subject to
1) A registered political party
2) A specific candidate of that party.

When an election is called, they mark their X in the appropriate space and if that candidate receives the majority of votes cast in that region he is elected. A candidate could be elected with only 25 % of the votes cast, not to mention all the people that didn’t vote. Also, while electing a candidate of their choice, that candidate doesn’t really express the desires of all the people in his/her constituency, but only those that voted for the party and the political platform he/she represents, and usually any government “favors” they are able to obtain are bestowed on loyal supporters.

What people are really ignorant of, is the behind the scenes politicking that goes on in local, provincial (state) and federal levels. While candidates are nominated and chosen by the caucus, there is a steering committee that ultimately influences and selects the candidates that will run. There is a good description of how the party system works at this link.

In Canada, on a federal level, the prime minister is usually the candidate whose political party wins the most seats (representatives) from across Canada. Presently, it’s the Conservative Party, with a minority government, that is headed by Stephen Harper. The secret back room boys of the National Council of the Federal Conservative Party, get together publicly at bi-yearly conventions (one this year – June 9-11th, 2011) where delegates of the Federal Conservative Party discuss policy, and debate ideas, as well as use the time to do the usual politicking and back stroking as the majority of these members have vested interests in the party.

During a federal election, the voting public is given the opportunity to vote for a local representative by choosing one from the 4 or 5 major political parties registered in Canada to represent them in Parliament (Ottawa). But here is the kicker! The only voice that these local politicians really have is to chime along with the dictates of the head of the Federal Conservative Party, Stephen Harper.

The political platform is not dictated (by the people, for the people) or even the members of the political party, but by the back room boys and the prime minister that they selected.
<Quote> Stephen Harper has repeatedly ignored or made decisions completely contradictory to party policy in the past. Members are fooling themselves if they believe their prescriptions hold any sway over the PM, for in Stephen Harper's eyes party members, like all Canadians, are merely obstacles to be overcome. <End Quote>

Of course the prime Minister is only a pawn as there are also other hidden powers behind the scenes, pulling the political strings of all the so-called Democracy politicians around the world. Harper is an altar boy to Obama, and Obama is a puppet of other back room boys that are part of the NOW (New World Order). As you can see, having a Democracy is really no different than a Dictatorship, Monarchy, or any other form of rule…. Freedom…? Give your head a shake… !

PS: It’s interesting and humorous that when you split the word democracy in two,
Demo cracy it’s very close to Demo crazy

By Definition:
Demo = Give an exhibition to an interested audience
Crazy = Affected with madness or insanity: Foolish; totally unsound

Food for thought… Or not!

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