Post 777 Dream of Aliens and TV Talk Show

Dream 2011 March 21 I had a dream that I was being interviewed on TV talk shows about Aliens, with actual aliens participating in the show. On this one show, the aliens were popping in and out of the scene, shaping shifting and even taking on human form. They were also being interviewed saying that they have been among us for thousands upon thousands of years. They were also exposing the Zeta (grays) and the secret government cover-ups that were going on including the bases on, and in the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. There were four different aliens that I was communicating with and that appeared on the show.

Before the talk show I had been told to ask the audience if there were any volunteers that wanted to see a space ship and go for a ride, to put up their right hand. Hands shot up and a moment later, all those that had raised their hands were instantly transported to the space ship. They were given a tour of Earth, the moon, and a quick trip through our solar system including showing them all the bases that they had mentioned. When the members of the audience disappeared, the people that didn’t put their hand up looked at each other, dumb-founded. The moderator asked me where they had gone and when they’d be back. I said don’t worry, they’ll be back any second now. No sooner had I said that and taken a sip of water from the glass beside me, when they all re-appeared.

The moderator asked them what happened to them and they gave him vivid details. He also asked how long they were gone and they replied that the trip lasted at least a couple of hours. When he told them that they were only gone from their seats less than half a minute, they and he were confused as it altered their whole concept of time. I woke up.

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