Post 778 Three strikes you’re out. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya)

2011 March 21 The US has struck yet another power play with its military strike on Libya. The original political rhetoric(in the name of democracy and freedom) was for the UN to impose a no fly zone over Libya to prevent Muammar Gaddafi from using Libya’s air forces to suppress so-called rebels that were calling for a end to his regime.

This initial action was also sanctioned by neighboring Arab countries, but when the mandate was changed and the US launched cruse and tomahawk missiles at night against Libyan air fields, radar installations as well as targeting ground forces, the whole situation changed. Not only are the Arab states apprehensive, but also the coalition forces, not to mention the US public not wanting to get into yet another war. Of course the political leaders of the coalition forces that followed the US political and military lead, defend their actions even as worldwide public skepticism grows.

I feel that Obama, and the powers to be pulling his strings, know that the US public doesn’t want to get dragged into another war. That’s why Obama publicly stated that the US will not send any ground troops into Libya and that the war will be waged by air, using fighters along with cruise and tomahawk missiles and other technology to enforce a no fly zone.

While on the surface this sounds okay, it marks a sharp turn in US military engagement policies from previous war efforts, and one that signals an ominous sign of things to come, that being the escalation of a non-personal battle zone much like the futuristic movie, “The Terminator” where the battle will be between machine and man. With this action, Obama has swung the third strike and symbolically, signaled the end of an inning (an era) and the beginning of a new one with a new team and batters coming to the plate, or … was Bush Sr., invading Iraq and then George Bush with the 9/11 invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the three strikes ending the inning (era), and Obama the new batter, with Libya being the first pitch of the new inning. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is that things have definitely begun to change and escalate.

Wait and see what Obama and the other world leaders do when the so-called Democracies begin to rebel against the present leadership in the same way the dictatorships are now being challenged. I bet they will also be using FORCE to control the so-called rebels that want to put an end to tyranny.

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