Post 781 Canada to wave US flag and policy in Libya.

Canadian general taking over command of NATO's no-fly mission in Libya
Bouchard, a native of Chicoutimi, Que., has been designated by NATO as head of the alliance's campaign in Libya. He will work with "his naval and air component commands" to enforce the no-fly zone and the so-called civilian-protection mission in Libya, a senior White House official said Friday.
Bouchard, a lieutenant-general whose rank is equivalent to a three-star U.S. general, is currently stationed in Naples, Italy, at the Allied Joint Force Command.

His appointment did not come without considerable debate among the allies. "There were a lot of egos involved," a Canadian government source said.

While being a sheep of the US foreign policy is one thing, taking the appearance of the lead in the UN /NATO role in Libya is a dangerous maneuver for Canada. I say appearance as that is all it will be as the US will still be pulling the strings, despite what is being said.

While there has been a definite distinction abroad ,between a Canadian and a US tourist, that distinction now will fade, which will mean that Canadians will now be viewed as being in bed with the USA and their political agenda, and as such, will be treated the same. Any backlash that would have been directed at the USA will now also be directed at Canada and Canadians.

And so the plot thickens.

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