Post 782 Body, Soul and Spirit Expo

Tomorrow I’m off to see the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo in Toronto. I haven’t been to one since the early 1990’s. I’m also curious as I notice they have changed their name. It used to be called Body, Mind and Spirit Expo, and I must say, this name change marks a major change in their mind set and one that I like.

“Why?” You ask.

Spirit is Mind, thought, intellect, reason, etc, and is Male polarity
Soul is Will (intuition, feelings and emotions) and represents the Feminine polarity.
Spirit and Soul together animate, (give life to) the physical Body.
The only thing missing now is Heart.

After I’ve done my rounds there, I’m off to the Midland, Ont. to see a couple of friends. I may be staying there a few days as I’ve also been asked to make a few Native drums, something that I haven’t done for 10 years.

NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .


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