Post 785 The Power of Prayer

While on my visit, the question of prayer and the power of prayer came up. Besides prayer being a subtle form of denial and a way of telling God that he has screwed up and is not doing things according to your judgments, that you know more or better, and that he should do what you are asking him to do, prayer does appear to have some validity and power. Prayer can have a influence on people, places and things, but not in the way that we commonly think. What comes to mind is the recent activity of Fire the Grid and my blog Post 116 Fire the Grid

We are an energy Being and as such, we can direct our conscious thoughts to whoever or whatever we choose, and prayer is one such way of expressing our conscious intent. When a person is sending out their conscious energy with whatever intent (prayer) they have, what they are really doing is taking a part of their energy and giving it to another. Part and parcel of this so-called “loving” process is the EXPECTATION and ATTACHMENT to the outcome they choose to see, and not the undesired reality they are presently experiencing.

While the energy of one person may not be much, when you take the combined energy of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, that amount of energy can have a dramatic and dynamic effect according to the intent of that part of mass consciousness that is supporting it. It’s just a smaller version of our present planetary mass consciousness of the billions of people on Earth that create our present reality, which is but an artificial construct of common and shared imprints, programs and beliefs. Not only is our mass consciousness affecting everything on Earth, but it also affects our Galaxy and the Universe itself, and vice versa, as we are part of the whole, and the whole is part of us.

When I said that the energy of one person may not be much, that statement is a truth when the intent and energy are in a state of denial and conditional love, as whatever is manifested will not last. However, when the conscious intent is not based in denial, then that loving energy can shift mass consciousness and change our reality.

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