Post 786 House sold, moving by end of May.

When I came back from my visit on Sunday April 3, Marian informed me that the house had been sold and that the tentative closing date (subject to a home inspection) was May 26. She also stated that she had rented an apartment, and that she would get the keys on April 15. She asked me if I would help her with the packing, moving and setting of in her apartment as she was having problems with the arm that she broke a year ago in January. I said I would. I had originally planned on moving out in the beginning of May, after I got my vehicle license renewed and had my physical checkup, so a couple of weeks was no big deal. It looks like I’ll now be heading out West after May 24, the long weekend holiday. My sister in Regina, Sask., offered me a place to stay until I get organized and find a room.

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