Post 788 A twist in the sale of the house

2011 April 08 A condition of sale for the house was that it passes a home inspection. The home inspector came out today and later Martian got a call from her realtor stating that the inspector found mold in the attic sheathing and that the roof would have to be replaced before the sale would be finalized. She also stated that there was mold in the basement, but didn’t state where.

Marian had a home inspection done when she bought the house and was told that the roof shingles were in poor condition and would have to be replaced in a couple of years and that there was also a mold issue in the attic but she ignored the report and bought the house “as is.” Now her denials are coming back to bite her in her ass-sets that could run her maybe $5,000.00 or higher. I asked what she was going to do and she said fix it, as she didn’t want to lose the sale.

Today I had a look to see how bad it was. Upon inspection I not only noticed the mold and dry rot, but also the cause. There were no soffit baffles installed anywhere, and while the air vents at the peak of the roof were installed and open, there was no air coming in to allow any movement. The other thing was that there was no external bathroom vent. That meant that any moisture from the bathroom shower was being trapped in the attic as there was no air flow to take it outside. So not only does she need to have the roof replaced, but also installing the baffles and vents to eliminate any future problems, not to mention if there are any other issues with the insulation or what is under it.

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