Post 780 Dream – Waging a bloodless war

2011 April 14 4:18 am Dream.
I was watching a discussion on TV where someone had put together a documentary outlining the US political and military agenda that was going to be aired on National TV. They were playing the film that began with George H. Bush and the war on Iraq, where he was being interviewed about a US fighter pilot that had been shot down by enemy fire and how the US was determined to not only rescue the pilot, but to also recover the plane and not let it fall into enemy hands. When the president was asked if the jet fighter was carrying any secret military weapons, Bush said that it carried only conventional military weapons, but then in a later interview, he let it slip that it was also armed with a nuclear bomb, capable of inflicting massive damage and that he didn’t want that falling into the wrong hands.

He was then grilled by reporters about the US military and the use of nuclear weapons and he then stated to the effect that while the US had the capability and resolve to use nuclear weapons, it was developing more “peaceful” ways to deter the enemy and to control their military and civilian population. That news created a buzz in the room and reporters wanted to know more. He said with a smile, “We are developing the ability to not only control the weather and other forces of nature to disrupt the enemies physical ability to wage war on us, but we are also developing the technology to control their mental desire to do so by electronic means aimed at sedating the population so that any aggressive behavior is nullified and peaceful and acceptable behavior is restored.”

Again the reporters wanted to know more, and it was at this point that the interview switched to a later time with now George W. Bush as president. He seemed to carry on with his father’s words and stated that most of the enemy’s military and civilian population would be behavior modified without physical harm, to where they would function at a level that would enable them to perform most of their daily activities, without the awareness that they were being controlled, and, without the aggressive nature and thoughts they had before. It would be a new way of waging war without the bloodshed and loss of any US military men or women in service to their country, and a way of waging war that would be for the good of all concerned and humanity.

At that point, the interview was then terminated and I woke up. I thought about the ramifications of those statements, before I wrote it in my journal. While the documentary began in the early 1990’s, that technology is very much a reality today. I was thinking of my previous Post 774 A World Gone Mad??? on the Japan disaster and the use of HAARP technology.

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