Post 782 House Sold and dog gone

Well the sale finally went through after Marian replaced the sheathing and shingles on the roof and had the attic sprayed for mold. The semi next door also had their shingles replaces. The deal closes on May 26. She has been getting rid of stuff and packing.

The other news is that she reluctantly gave the dog “Maggie” away. Marian had talked to a few people that were interested, but things didn’t work out. It turned out that it was Maggie that decided who she was going to go with. When the woman that was involved with spraying the attic for mold came to the house, Maggie immediately took to her, who it turns out, was also interested in getting a large dog. After the other inquires fell though, Maggie went willingly and excitedly to her new home.


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