Post 785 Physical checkup

I have had a touch of vertigo these past few days and it only bothers me when I am laying down and I stand up or vice versa and within a few moments, I am fine. I don’t have an earache or headache so I don’t really know what is causing it.

I went for my physical today and passed with “almost,” flying colors. But even though my blood tests came back positive, my doctor still said there is room for improvement as my blood pressure was borderline high 140/90. I said, it’s borderline line by only one number, if it was 139/89 I’d be average.. She reluctantly said, yes, it’s only a guide line, but I’d like to keep an eye on it and said that she would like to see me in three months. I told her I was going out West for a few months and didn’t know when I would be back, but that I would call her a couple of months before and make an appointment. She again, reluctantly agreed as she had no choice. As I was leaving I got the message..

Real doctors know they’ve done their job when their patients no longer need to see them.

That night I went to bed and was thinking of my visit to my Doctor and how Doctors prescribe pain pills and how that is actually a form of denial in that your Mind doesn’t want to FEEL what the Body is feeling and is similar to how the Mind treats the Will in not wanting to feel what it is feeling and wanting to express. All this is a different form of self hatred


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