Post 788 Getting ready for the move out West

Well tomorrow, May 19 is the day Marian moves into her apartment. I’m going to help her unpack and put up blinds, curtains and install the Air conditioner, and put up pictures, etc. I was going to leave on the weekend, but I realized that it will be the first long weekend of the summer and traffic will be hectic, so I’ll stay until the 25th or 26th and then head out. I’m going to be stopping at a couple of friends along the way, but my plan is to be in Regina, Saskatchewan but the first weekend of June, the 3rd or 4th of June.

This afternoon I packed up my “stuff” and loaded my car, my Toyota Tercel, Post 667 not completely, as I left my clothes and computer stuff for the last, but I wanted to see if I could get in what I wanted to take with me and sure enough, there was room, not much room, but enough. While I was loading my car, I was thinking of my Nissan Pickup that I sold, Post 670 Downsizing Again and while it was a small truck, it was HUGE compared to the Tercel and loading it was easy.

I look at all of Marians stuff and while I still have a lot, in comparison, she has tons of stuff, even after she gave away her two piece sofa, the queen size bed I was using, a futon, end tables, lamps, etc. I don’t know where she’s going to put it all as she has very little storage space, but that isn’t my problem.

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