Post 789 I’m back

I’m not going to go into all the details suffice to say that since my last post I was busy helping Marian pack and also in getting my stuff packed and making sure that I had room in the car for it.
After the move and getting the basic things set up in the apartment, I spent a day cleaning up the house as the closing date wasn’t until May 24. After that was out of the way, I helped her unpack and organize some of her things as well as installing blinds and a window air conditioner, bathroom safety bars in the tub/shower, hang pictures and also do a few apartment repairs.

During all this, Rogers, that supplies her Cable TV, internet and telephone service never processed the move order she had made weeks earlier so she was without any of these services for over a week. Talk about corporate run around and just plain old “pass the buck” mentality, disguised as customer service. Totally NOT impressed with Rogers.

I also spent some time with my daughter and son-in-law and my granddaughter. I left Woodstock on the morning of May 26.

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