Post 794 Strange experiences

It’s been almost 45 years since I lived in Regina and things sure have changed. The city is at least 4 times bigger than I remember it. I’m slowly getting to know my way around as knowing the old main streets helps.

On Saturday June 11, I drove across the city to see a small new age book store. While there, I was standing beside a counter with some crystals when my left arm suddenly began to swing in a clockwise motion. When I noticed it, I stopped it and then, curious, I let my arm fall to my side and again it began to swing. It was weird and something that I had never experienced before.

Later I went to an art shop that was featuring various local artists. There were no other customers in the store so after looking around for a few moments I struck up a conversation with the woman behind the counter. As we chatted, we moved from basic chit chat to more personal and spiritual matters. Just then I noticed a pillar of silver florescent light about 3 inches wide (5 cm) to the left side of me. It took me by surprise and as I refocused to talk to the woman I saw her looking and smiling at me. I asked her if she saw it and she asked, “Saw what?” with a smile. Just then I saw it again and noticed that it wasn’t a reflection in my glasses as I saw it above and below my lenses. I then told her what I had seen and she said she didn’t see it but was smiling and also winked at me. I felt there was something mystical and intriguing about her and I was about to delve further when a man entered the store. We dropped the conversation and I moved away from the counter and continued to look around. I found a man made rock with bells inside. It was a unique piece so I bought it. The man was still there so I left saying that I would be back another day.


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