Post 802 A dark issue from the past brought to light

My sister had gotten a phone call from the person renting a house she owns in a small town outside Regina that there was about 2 feet of water in the basement where the furnace and water heater were. I went with her to pick up a sump pump and other things we might need and we drove out to fix the problem.

It was a small older home, and while it was on footings, there was no real basement, just a hand dug earthen cellar into which was fitted the Furnace and water heater as well as giving access to the electrical and sewer connections.

After opening the trap door in the floor that was covered with a small carpet, we crawled down a small ladder into a dug out cellar. The floor was covered in about 5 inches of water as the tenant had been bailing it into the sewer. We examined the earthen walls and couldn’t find any evidence that there was water coming in from the surface, so we determined that it must be that the level of the ground water had risen with all the recent rains.

We removed some water soaked materials that were now garbage, and then ran the sump pump to get rid of most of the water so that we could dig a small hole in the earthen floor, into which we could install a plastic bucket and the sump pump on a temporary basis. We had used an extension cord from the main level to power the sump pump and I was upstairs making a small cut into the corner of the trap door so that it would close properly.

Carol was still in the cellar and I closed the door to see if it would fit, and as I opened it and saw her looking at me, I flashed back to my childhood when we lived in Dubuc. I remembered that our mother would lock me and my brothers in the cellar whenever we were bad. I remembered that we stored coal in the earthen cellar as well as potatoes and preserves that my mother had made. I remember it having spiders and other bugs as well as the odd mouse or rat. It was terrifying as it became pitch dark when she put the carpet over the trap door, so dark that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Besides being in total darkness, I could feel spiders or other insects crawling on me and could hear strange noises that I couldn’t identify.

On the way back to Regina I asked my sister if she remembered anything about that and she said that she didn’t and that she was only 3 years old before we moved from Dubuc. I don’t have issue with being in the dark….. IF… . I know where I am, and if I am not startled by feeling something on me or hearing a strange noise as then I panic.. Like I said before I moved out West, I’m here to finish some unfinished business and they are beginning to come forward.

NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .

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