Post 808 Saskatchewan Roughriders yet another Religion

2011 July 02 Saturday. This morning I saw the local paper, The Regina Leader Post and as I flipped through it I noticed a Big Saskatchewan Roughrider article on the front page and the sports section was full of rider hype. This wasn’t the first time I noticed the team in the paper, in fact I realized that there was something about the Riders almost every day and that it usually grabbed front page headlines with more in the Sports section with huge pictures of some key player. Not only that, I see blurbs on the local Cable TV network supporting the green machine.

I asked my sister, “When did the Saskatchewan Roughriders become an organized religion?” She laughed.

I said religion as the fans that support them (including members of my family here out West) are fanatical and extremists just like some zealous religious people expound the virtues of their faith or whoever they are following. Halleluiah, praise the lord, Go riders Go, yadda yadda, ad nauseam, as their little world revolves around the team. Like a religion, the worshiping fans tithe to support their church (their religion) be it in tickets to see the game or memorabilia or whatever else they are “selling.” Well, ole Lucifer is smiling because if he can’t get them one way (through the church) he’ll get them another.

It really doesn’t matter what team it is, all organized sports have this same religious cult type hype and following. It’s also no different than politics, movies, media celebrities, or even in the business world with products and labels. Everyone loves a winner and feels that if even if they don’t feel like a winner, they can at least follow one and be part of their success. But oh…… when they lose, like the episode with the Vancouver Canucks losing the Stanley cup (Hockey) to the Boston Bruins then all hell breaks loose as their little dream world crashes and their MOB mentality takes over.

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