Post 812 Challenging the doctor (Hearing issue – Part4)

2011 July 12, I called the clinic and made an appointment to see the doctor regarding my ear that still is plugged. I was surprised to get an appointment within the hour. I got to the clinic at 11:00 am and saw the same doctor that I saw originally. I told him of the side effects I had with the Erythomycin EC and that I was taking Sovereign Silver Colloidal and Echinacea instead. He didn’t say anything but turned to his computer keyboard and typed with four fingers, one finger at a time.

He then asked me to sit on the examination table and as he brought his ear probe to my ear, I took out the cotton batten wad that was keeping the olive oil in my ear canal. He examined my ear and then without saying a word, went back to the computer and started to type a few words and then left the room. He came back a few moments later carrying a tray and syringe to clean the wax from my ear. I watched him fill the tray and then he turned to me and asked me to sit on a chair beside the sink. I got off the table and walked to the sink but before sitting down, I put my finger in the water to see if it was cold as that was a concern of mine. To my relief, it was lukewarm.

As I was about to take a seat he asked me if I had been putting any oil in my ear. I was confused by his question as first, he told me to use olive oil in my ear, which I assume he would have noted on his computer and secondly, he had just finished examining my ear and saw me pull the oil soaked cotton batten wad from my ear before he examined it. I almost denied expressing myself but I felt no, I needed to clear the air, so I asked him a direct question as to why he would say that given the points I just listed. He didn’t reply but instead, shifted his focus to a spot on the wall behind me and to the right. I said, “Why don’t you look me in the eye and why aren’t you talking to me? You’re not instilling any confidence in me to trust you. With that comment, and without shifting his gaze, he said in a low, barely audible but controlled voice, “I don’t need this, I’m not going to treat you, get yourself another doctor.” I wasn’t going to argue with him so I left the room.

I made my way back to the front desk and was talking with the receptionist about getting another appointment with another doctor when he came through a side door and asked her to go with him. A couple of people in the waiting room asked what was going on, and one was a man that was coming in to have his ears flushed. I briefly told them my story and stopped when the girl came back.

I looked at her and I could feel that she was now cold toward me and her speech was short and abrupt. I raised my hand and said. ”Whoa, what’s up with you and what do you think I did to you to offend you and for you to be treating me as you are?" At first she tried to deny and said she wasn’t, but when she looked up at me, I looked directly in her eyes and said, ”Yes you are.” With that, I felt her let down her guard and her voice and manner changed back to how it was before. She booked an appointment for me on Wednesday July 13 and then in a concerned voice, she politely asked me what happened. I told her and I could see her putting the pieces of the puzzle together. As I was leaving, she smiled and said that the doctor that I was going to be seeing is also her Doctor. I smiled and said, “Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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