Post 814 I can now hear, but… (Hearing issue – Part 5)

2011 July 13 This morning I had a dull headache and my jaw and tonsils are a bit sore and tender. I also felt a tickle and wax moving in my left ear and I think the infection is spreading.
I saw my new doctor this morning and after a brief chat, he looked at my ear and said that he would like to flush it as there was a lot of wax pressing up against my ear drum that could be causing the infection that I’m now feeling.

He took me to another room and after pouring some water from a kettle into a tray, he asked me to test it and feel it if it was too hot or cold. It felt lukewarm. He then proceeded to clear the wax from my left ear. It was all over in a second and I was surprised at the amount of wax that was in the tray.I could now hear. He told me that he was not going to put me on any antibiotics, but that if I had a problem that I could get in touch with him. He then gave me the times and places he operated from.

I went home and decided to put a few drops of Sovereign Silver Colloidal in both ears as I felt that it would now clear any infection I had on my ear drums. I felt it didn’t work before because it couldn’t get though the wax in my left ear and I also never put any into my right ear as it was not a problem at the time. So now the waiting game as my Body fights off the infection.

I also feel that I need to have chat with my mother about the issues I have as a child, and also in listening to her now, as if she is living in a totally different reality. I’ve really been avoiding facing her as I have guilt in that:

a) She’s my mother, so how can I challenge her and say anything negative about her or my father who died almost 30 years ago.
b) She’s old and not that healthy.
c) That she forgets (or has chosen to forget.)
d) That I will be considered the bad son as of course, I will make her unhappy.

I’ve only gone over to her place to see her once since I’ve been out West, so the only time I see her and talk with her is when she comes over to my Sister’s. I’m going to change that.

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