Post 815 Hearing issue now a throat issue (Part 6)

2011 July 16 the infection seems to have moved from my ear to my jaw and tonsils and this morning I could hardly swallow my spit as my throat was closed down. I could also feel the beginnings of a tightness in my chest. I called the Clinic and got an appointment for 12:45 pm.

I saw the doc and he said that I was running out of antibiotic drugs that could fight the infection as I was allergic to the base ingredients of three of the most popular antibiotic drugs. He then prescribed. SULFAMETHOXAZOLE – TRIMETHOPIM which is a sulfur based drug, in an attempt to get rid of this bacterial infection. I take one pill in the morning and another in the evening.

As of Monday July 18, the drug seems to be working and the only side effect I have is being a little tired in the afternoon but nothing like what I was experiencing with the previous drug. My ears are not bothering me and my tonsils and throat are still swollen, but not like they were.

The doc was also interested in my writing and my books and asked for a link to my website as he would like to see what I have written. He also told me that he is a “born again” Christian and that “forgiveness” of others that have hurt you is the highest form of love that heals old wounds. I could see that we were on two different pages so I just said that one does whatever they believe they need to do until such time that they realize that what they have been doing doesn’t work and then they look for another solution. We basically left it at that as he had other patients to see.

BTW: This should be the last post on my hearing issue and infection, I'll just add a PS: to this post when all is clear.

UPDATE:July 21, Half way thought my 10 day supply of pills and I'm getting better… Still have a slight sore throat (tonsils) but my ears are fine.

Update: July 30 Well after my last post things began to go downhill and I was almost back to square one for a couple of days, and then I began to feel better gain. When I finished the SULFAMETHOXAZOLE – TRIMETHOPIM pills on Monday July 25, I thought I’d wait a few days before going back to the doctor. I did however begin to take Colloidal Silver, as well as a teaspoon of Baking Soda disolved in a glass of water (1 minute stirring) to help alkalize my system. On Wed. July 27, I woke in the middle of the night to a terrible headache, sore throat and felt awful but by mid morning I was beginning to feel better and gradually improved as the day went on. I think it was the side effects of the pills before they were cleared from my body. On Saturday July 30, I’m feeling almost back to normal as I helped my sister with some yard work. The Silver (4 times per day) and the Baking Soda seems to have done the trick.

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