Post 817 Clearing up unfinished government business.

Because I had recently filed my “back” personal income tax, (Post 762) I received a letter last Thursday July 14 from the Government of Ontario asking that I submit my business taxes for the past nine years. I called the number on the letter and talked with a government agent and told her that the business had not been active since 1998 and that my accountant had looked after it and that I also informed them as such on the returns they had sent me before I began moving around. Anyway that was not good enough as she said that I still needed to submit my tax returns, even if they were nil and that I also had to do the same with the Federal Government. She also stated that I needed to submit them by Monday July 18 and that I was to call her and confirm that I had sent them.

After I got off the phone with her I called Canada Revenue Agency and was told that my company had been dissolved on May 25 2010, but that I still had to submit my returns. I downloaded the forms from both government websites and went through the tedious and repetitive task of filling out some 60 pages of forms but by Sunday night I had them done. More unfinished business in the works of being cleared up.

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