Post 818 Government bureaucratic mindset… Dah!

2011 July 18 This morning I checked my tax forms that I had completed the night before (Post 817) and then I called the woman at the Ontario government and told her that I’d be mailing them within the hour. She told me to call her back when I had mailed them. I asked, “Why, what’s the point, I said I’m going to mail them.” She replied that she needs to know that they were mailed.

I said, okay, let’s start over… “Ring Ring..Hello, I just called to tell you that the forms you asked for are in the mail.” She didn’t say anything and I felt she was confused and puzzled. I commented, “Isn’t it ironic that if I had lied and just told you what you wanted to hear you would have believed me, but when I call and tell the truth you don’t believe me. Had I called you and lied to you, saying I had already mailed them, you would have believed me and left it at that, but because I told you the truth, that I was “going” to mail them with the hour, you didn’t believe me. Dah! What’s wrong with this picture?

She seemed taken aback by my directness and said that she was just “following the book.” I said, “Yes, the good old book, the government gospel and if it’s not written in the book, it’s wrong or not right, and without it you are lost as you can’t think for yourself.” I then told her that if she didn’t hear from me again, that the form s had been mailed and that she would get then this week or early next, depending on the mail service. She then asked me to fax them to her. I stated that there were way too many forms and that it would cost too much to fax them. As I made that comment, I also realized that that was just another “book” response by her to regain control of the situation and get the required information. I now wonder if she is going to nitpick my returns just to get even with me for confronting her. Well I’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, I almost forgot. On the Federal Tax forms, there was a specific section at the end of the form where I had to print my name in BLOCK LETTERS and then sign it. At first it didn’t twig on me, but then I remembered a post I saw the other day about the strawman and how the government uses different ways to identify you as THEIR PROPERTY.

One way is by writing your name in BLOCK LETTERS which seems innocent, but under the “letter” of the law, it opens up a whole can of ugly worms… Needless to say you know what I did. Yep…… a Capital letter for the first letter of my name and small printed letters of all the others. Taking my power back… so let’s see where this takes me..

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